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Today, your applications and infrastructure generate more data than you can afford to collect and analyze with market-leading log analyzer tools. Your alternative is to build a solution combining multiple and often incompatible open source components – a lengthy, expensive, and extremely risky proposition.

The next-generation Operational Intelligence platform from X15 Software was built with the world’s largest organizations in mind. We collect massive amounts of machine-generated data from network, security, and other infrastructure so you can perform real-time analytics – without breaking the bank.

  • Get a unified threat view by combining logs from cloud applications and infrastructure with on-premises logs including data from SIEM
  • Quickly investigate security incidents by searching petabytes of logs for indicators of compromise – in seconds
  • Detect anomalous user behavior by correlating audit logs
  • Continuously monitor for compliance violations
  • Integrate with existing security operations ecosystem using REST APIs

F100 Financial Services Organization

Revamped security analytics architecture to enable real-time security visibility across the company

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“The challenge that we have with our existing tools is that it is easy to search for a single IP address, MD5 hash, or user ID. But what is hard to do is search for a list of them. X15 is the only product in the market that enables us to rapidly search petabytes of logs for indicators of compromise within seconds.”

Director Security Operations

Why X15 Enterprise for Security and Compliance?

Unified Threat View

Combine logs from cloud applications and infrastructure with on-premises logs in the X15 platform. Monitor live dashboards for a comprehensive view of risky activity across all enterprise assets.

Investigate Security Incidents

Trace intrusion kill chains by searching for indicators of compromise in logs from firewalls, web gateways, and threat detection services. Correlate activities with powerful visualizations to quickly respond to incidents.

Monitor User Behavior

Collect and correlate data from web servers, messaging infrastructure, and endpoint services to create timeline views of user activity. Trigger custom scripts and raise alerts to quickly detect anomalous user behavior.

Audit for Compliance Violations

Automate search queries to monitor logs from data stores and applications to immediately detect compliance violations. Automate compliance report generation for auditors and management.

Integrate with Security Ecosystem

Gain complete security visibility by integrating existing monitoring tools such as SIEM with the X15 platform. Extract insights from the platform using REST APIs and integrate them with existing security operations center dashboards.

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