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X15 Software is disrupting the market with a next-generation Operational Intelligence platform built with the world’s biggest organizations in mind. X15 Enterprise solves the complex problem of collecting, indexing, storing, and correlating large volumes of machine-generated data in real-time. You get continuous monitoring and deep analytics for IT, security, and business operations.

Multiple sources. Single platform.

Correlate data from any source, for anyone.

The X15 platform automatically discovers data structure upon ingestion and dynamically adjusts as more data is ingested. So you can collect large volumes of streaming data from a wide variety of sources regardless of format and create a central repository. Your teams can continuously monitor and analyze sales trends, application performance, security anomalies, and much more.

Live dashboards.

Raising the bar for “real-time”.

With continuous querying capability, the X15 platform raises the bar for real-time monitoring and analytics. Create your queries and watch live dashboards recompute charts on the fly as data streams in.

Power search.


The X15 platform is deployed in a cluster and uses a peer-to-peer architecture so that every node indexes, stores, and queries data. A single search query is broken into fine-grained tasks that are distributed across the cluster to parallelize every step and massively boost performance. You can search petabytes of data in seconds to find the needle in the haystack. Open source search platforms just aren’t going to cut it as your machine data grows. Learn more

Alerts and scripts.

Don’t miss a beat.

Workflows to trigger alerts and custom scripts are natively built into the X15 platform. So define your criteria and walk away knowing that you’ll be immediately notified if something goes wrong.

Massive scale.

And it won’t break the bank.

The X15 platform self-manages scalability with automatic partitioning and system rebalancing. As your data grows, linearly extend your analytics platform by simply adding more commodity hardware. You shouldn’t have to compromise on full visibility because of cost.

Easy to get started.

3 simple steps to operational intelligence.

1. Connect your data

Set up connectors to listen for streaming data from sources

2. Define queries

Create your queries and define trigger conditions for alerts or scripts

3. Set up dashboards

Select visualizations for each query and pin to dashboards for monitoring

Extensible by design.

Integrate with your ecosystem.

The X15 platform provides full embeddability via REST-based APIs and interoperates with enterprise BI, ETL, and other JDBC/ODBC-compliant products. Create and explore machine learning models using R, Python, and Spark MLlib. Apply these models to predict and score data as it streams into X15.

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